Made it.

May 10, 2011

Hi everyone..I am here.  After an almost 28 hour trip, we all made it safe and sound.  I’m not sure how long this post is going to be–it has been a pretty long day and I think the jet lag is starting to officially kick in.

The flights were pretty uneventful except for two small scenarios which occurred at the Frankfurt airport and at the Yola airport upon our arrival here in Nigeria.  We had about a four hour layover in Germany and I must say, besides being a very nice airport it was also interestingly  intimidating, or so I thought.  Anyway, that is beside the point.  As we were sitting in the food court area all having casual conversation and about to get up and leave, a highly intoxicated man came up to us and began singing the pledge of allegiance (obviously in a sarcastic way), which was some what embarrassing not only for us but also for him.  Like I said, not a huge deal.  However, upon our arrival in Yola, Bill, the only guy in the group and planner of the trip, decided to take a picture as we got off the plane.  Bill soon found out that pictures are NOT allowed in airports in Nigeria.  The two security guards proceeded to approach him, rifles in hand, and interrogate him and make him delete the photo from his camera.  Don’t worry, Bill is fine and the whole situation was totally fine…just not the welcome I am sure he was expecting to get.  The American University Nigeria President(I’ll refer to it as AUN from now on) was also with us on the flight and apparently she know everyone in town and pretty much went up and told them to back off.  🙂

Before our flight to Yola, where we are now, we stayed a night in Nigeria’s capital which is called Abuja.  The drive from the Abuja airport into the city was about 20minutes or so and was great to see since we will be spending the majority of our time in the more rural areas in Yola.  We had dinner a nice restaurant there and it took us about two hours to get our food after ordering…also something which I now expect every time food is ordered here.  Also, the power went out about four times during dinner.  By the fourth time you really just forget it happened and continue on with conversation and food eating in the pitch dark.

Now we are in Yola and things are great-we are staying in the dorms at AUN with several other Nigerian students.  I just went to go take a shower and all the water was turned off…guess I will be waiting until morning and going to bed sweaty and smelly 🙂  I will write more in the next week about everything when I have more energy, but just wanted to give an update and let the fam. know I made it safe and sound.  I also have my first site visit tomorrow at the local orphanage, so I am sure I will have much more to write about in the next few days.  Until then…goodnight all!



Here are a few photos I snapped on the way in…well only one bc it took 20 to upload ha..I’ll do more when internet is better 🙂 this was taken in yola, where I will be the next 2 weeks


One Response to “Made it.”

  1. Mary Anne said

    Oh this is so very exciting, Lauren. I am eager to hear more!

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